What is an Intrathecal Pain Pump?

Intrathecal Pain Pump Show Low AZ Chronic pain can become a physical and emotional burden that never seems to let up. That’s where Dr. Trujillo can help. As a specialist in pain management, Dr. Trujillo uses a variety of tools to help patients deal with chronic pain. One of those is called an intrathecal pain pump.

Implanted to address pain

As you would assume, a pain pump is an automated device that delivers pain medication at regular intervals as set by the doctor. An intrathecal pain pump is named because it delivers medication into the space that surrounds the spinal cord, the intrathecal space.

The intrathecal pain pump looks kind of like a hockey puck for you Phoenix Coyotes fans. Dr. Trujillo surgically implants the pump beneath the skin of the abdomen area. The interior of the device holds the medication. The pump is attached to a tube that runs from the device to the intrathecal space around the spine.

Why is this method better?

Once the pump is implanted, it is programmed to automatically deliver pain medication in slow-release fashion. The advantage is that by delivering the pain directly to the intrathecal space, this bypasses the digestive tract. Pain medication that is ingested loses some of its strength through the digestive tract. Plus, it can lead to constipation and nausea. Since all of the medication is delivered directly to where it is needed, the dosage is lower with this pump.

Would an intrathecal pain pump be right for you?

Dr. Trujillo weighs the need for these pumps on the unique circumstances of every patient. If this seems like a good option, he will perform a trial to see if this method will work. This could involve an injection through a lumbar puncture, or an external pump.

This pump could be good for you if:

  • You depend on pain medication for comfort and mobility
  • You have no medical conditions that would interfere with the efficiency of the pump
  • You have no allergies to the drugs commonly prescribed in pain pump therapy
  • Your pain has not improved with conservative therapies
  • Trial testing proved effective

If you’re dealing with chronic pain, that’s no way to go through your life. Call Dr. Trujillo and our team at Summit Healthcare Pain Clinic Associates, (928) 532-1605.15.

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