Your Back Pain Demands MILD Treatment

istock 684957938 1 “Wait a minute. That headline. My back pain is extreme, so exactly how is a mild treatment going to do anything? I’ve been trying lots of mild treatments to no avail.”

Ah, but you haven’t tried Dr. Trujillo’s MILD pain-relieving treatments at Summit Healthcare. These may be minimally invasive, but they’re not mild in what they can do. MILD actually is an acronym standing for minimally invasive lumbar decompression. These treatments have proven very effective for treating lumbar spinal stenosis for our patients.

The problem — nerve compression

At some point, we all have lower back pain. But occasional lower back pain from overuse, a muscle strain, and other causes is different than chronic pain. Spinal stenosis, particularly in the lower back, the lumbar spine, is common. It’s estimated that over two million Americans are diagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis and having some treatment performed to address it each year. LSS is a narrowing of the lower spinal canal that creates compression of the spinal cord or other nerve roots exiting the spinal canal.

When we’re young, our spinal canal has plenty of room for our spinal cord, the bundle of nerve tissues that run from your brain to your lower body, and ligaments, bones, and our spinal discs to all coexist in harmony. As we age, however, natural wear and tear take a toll. A combination of factors works together to narrow the spinal canal. Ligament tissue thickens, bone spurs form on the lamina (the back of the vertebrae), spinal discs bulge or fully herniate (push through their outer covering). All of these factors can push on the spinal cord and nerve roots. This is spinal stenosis, and it is common in both the cervical and lumbar spine. Our MILD treatments target stenosis in the lumbar spine.

What is the MILD procedure?

Dr. Trujillo makes a tiny incision above the area of the spine where the compression is happening. He uses fluoroscopy to direct him to the target area of the patient’s lumbar spine. Then, using tools specially designed for the MILD procedure, he removes small pieces of bones spurs and excess ligament tissue that is reducing the space in the spinal canal. This returns space to the spinal canal and decreases compression. This reduces pain and give the patient back the mobility that he or she has been losing due to the pain.

Details of the MILD procedure: 

  •     This is an outpatient procedure performed in under 1 hour
  •     Patients are able to resume light activities in just a few days
  •     Doesn’t require general anesthesia, implants, stitches, or subsequent physical therapy

Want a MILD treatment for that chronic lower back and leg pain? Call us at Summit Healthcare Pain Clinic, (855) 768-4968, to schedule a consultation.   

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