More About the Pain of Sciatica

iStock 1203043225 In this month’s first blog, we got into sciatica, the painful nerve condition that causes pain to radiate down into the hips, buttocks, and legs. Since sciatica is a common condition, let’s give you some more information about it in this blog to start the fall. 

If you’re suffering from sciatica, Dr. Trujillo has many options for helping you get past the pain. 

What should I avoid if I am suffering from sciatica? 

You could think that moving as little as possible would be the best thing for sciatica. Actually, exercise and movement are better for relieving sciatica than bed rest. Inactivity makes the pain worse in most cases. In general, you’ll need to feel your way through movements or activities that seem to exacerbate your pain. 

There are certain exercises you’ll need to avoid, however. 

  •     Bent-over row
  •     Leg lifts and leg circles
  •     Full-body squats
  •     Weightlifting
  •     Abdominal stretches
  •     Rotating stretches
  •     Touch the toes stretches
  •     Running

What Are the Exercises That Help Sciatica? 

Sciatica exercise involves three keys: strengthening, stretching, and aerobic conditioning. 

  •     Strengthening exercises focus on the spinal column and supporting muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Beyond the back, these exercises focus on the abdominal, gluteal, and hip muscles.
  •     Stretching is important for sciatica, especially the hamstrings. The target of these stretching exercises are the muscles that are causing pain due to being overly tight and inflexible.
  •     Low-impact aerobic exercise is a component of treatment; it encourages the exchange of fluids and nutrients. Plus, aerobic exercise releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

Here’s a link to a variety of exercises for sciatica.

How long can sciatica last? 

The duration of sciatica typically depends on the type and severity of the underlying problem. In most cases, sciatica usually resolves in 4-8 weeks. This would be acute sciatica. Chronic sciatica can last up to two years. 

If you have pain in your hips, buttocks, and leg, typically on one side, please call us at Summit Healthcare Pain Clinic. We can help reduce the nerve compression that is causing your sciatica. Call us at (855) 768-4968 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Trujillo.

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