Are Botox® Treatments Right for My Migraines?

Frustrated senior businessman with headache at work If you’ve ever experienced migraine headaches, you understand how debilitating they can be. There are several theories on how migraines begin, ranging from hormonal changes in the body, stress, bright lights, and lack of sleep.

While the cause of migraines is up for debate, the pain that patients experience can leave them desperate for solutions.

Botox® treatments are shown to provide migraine sufferers relief.

Before you agree to injections, make sure that this treatment is the right option for you.

Risk Factors for Migraines

An intense, throbbing migraine can bring your day to a screeching halt. At the onset, you can feel nauseous, cause noise sensitivity, and unleash excruciating pain.

You are more likely to develop chronic migraines if you

  • Have a family history
  • Suffer from depression or anxiety
  • Are between the ages of 10 and 40 years old

Typical Migraine Treatments

 Acetaminophen, Anti-Inflammatory drugs, and over-the-counter medications are used commonly to treat migraines. However, this is not always enough for patients that frequently have migraines.

When to Consider Botox® Treatment

Botox® migraine treatments serve as a last resort for those who suffer severely from migraines. Before you schedule a treatment, give an honest assessment of your experience with migraines. If over a 3-month time frame you have a migraine for more than 15 days each month, and 8 of those days you have a migraine that lasts for at least 4 hours, Botox® treatments might be worth considering.

Is it Safe?

A Botox® injection contains small amounts of the toxin, botulinum. The thought of being injected with something poisonous can sound frightening. However, the amount of toxin in each injection is so small it leaves few opportunities for side effects to occur.

Botox® is recognized as a safe migraine treatment by the FDA.

Is it Effective?

While Botox® treatments are given to patients around 4 times a year, they are a safe, effective way to get migraines under control. Studies suggest that patients have reported a 30-50% reduction in the number of migraines they have. Of course, your results will be unique to your situation and if you believe that the treatments are ineffective, you can stop.

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