Don’t Let Back Pain Ruin Your Summer

Professional male swimmer inside swimming pool. While an aching back can put a damper on your summer plans, it shouldn’t mean you have to put your summer on hold. In addition to other health benefits, keeping an active lifestyle can help you manage back aches.

Here are some ways to help keep back pain at bay and enjoy fun in the sun.


If you need a way to beat the heat and manage back pain, a trip to the pool or beach can be what you need. In addition to building your cardio strength, swimming helps support your back because water buoyancy reduces pressure on your spine, allowing for a better range of motion.   

Also, the water helps relieve the discomfort to other joints in your body, providing a comforting feeling, relaxing you, and taking your mind off of back pain. 

Getting in the water may be a good start to getting relief and enjoying your summer.


Jogging is a great way to stay in shape, but it can harm those with back problems. Staying active can be challenging if you’re recovering from spinal surgery, have a herniated disc, or have other disk issues.

Walking can help bridge the gap between staying active and managing pain.

Running exposes your discs to repetitive impact, making problems worse for those with disc problems. Walking is more gentle on the spine and can provide benefits similar to running. Don’t fret if your back is making you cut back on your running this summer. You can still go for a walk and get the sunshine you need.


Biking can also help you make the most of your time outdoors and help reduce strain on your back. Bike riding assists in strengthening the muscles that support your back. The low impact from biking gives you the added benefits of blood flow to your problem areas and helping them heal.

Use Moderation

It’s impossible to enjoy summer if you’ve injured yourself from over-exerting. While you may face the temptation to push through, listen to your body and rest if back pain has become unbearable. Start slowly and gradually increase your activity level over time. 

Although you might want to go to the golf course, do yard work, or play tennis as often as possible, do these things moderately. Preserve your back health by taking your time and resting when needed.

If your back pain is keeping you from enjoying summer, we can help. Summit Healthcare Pain Clinic serves Show Low, AZ, and surrounding areas. Call our office today and schedule a consultation at 855-768-4968

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