Your Body Will Thank You For These Constipation Tips

The woman is holding her stomach and describing her stomachache symptoms. The discomfort of constipation can put a damper on your day. Bloating and gas are just some of the symptoms of constipation that can make you miserable. But making a few simple changes can help get your body regulated and help you feel your best. Here are a few tips to help you relieve constipation and regain quality of life.

What Causes Constipation?

Many factors can contribute to constipation symptoms. Sometimes, a diet that is high in carbohydrates can play a significant role in making you constipated. Processed grains such as white pasta or white bread can make you constipated because they are low in fiber, which plays a critical role in keeping your body regulated.

Other causes of constipation include:

  • Dehydration
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Taking certain medications (Opioids, sedatives, blood pressure medicine)
  • A low-fiber diet

Is Constipation Dangerous?

Constipation is uncomfortable, and if the condition continues for too long, it could indicate underlying health problems that you must address. One key indicator that something serious may be happening is if you’ve noticed constipation for more than 14 days, as there is a possibility that you may have a blockage in your bowels. 

Also, pay attention to other warning signs, such as rectal bleeding, unexplained weight loss, and perpetual exhaustion.

What You Can Do About Constipation

 With a few lifestyle changes, you may be able to get your body regulated again. One thing that can help is adopting a diet high in fiber. Many fruits and vegetables, such as:

  • Apples
  • Prunes
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Flaxseeds

Effectively restore your bowels’ functionality to help get you regulated again. You can also add whole grain cereals to your diet, as these are high in fiber and can help with regulation.

Also, staying hydrated with water, avoiding sugary drinks, and getting exercise can help with your constipation symptoms.

When to Seek Help

Sometimes constipation can persist despite our best efforts and can come with other symptoms. If your constipation comes with abdominal pain, bloody stool, vomiting, or bloating, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

If you need advice on addressing constipation, call our Show Low Office. Schedule a consultation by calling us today at 855-768-4968.

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