Treating FBSS With Spinal Cord Stimulation

brunette girl sitting on the couch at home with a headache and back pain. Back surgery is an essential tool to help those suffering from chronic back pain. Recent technological advances have allowed for the rise of minimally invasive procedures, meaning smaller incisions, shorter recovery times, and a more favorable long-term prognosis. But, for some people, back surgery doesn’t always provide the necessary benefits and can cause chronic back pain. If you’ve suffered from chronic back pain after surgery, there is hope for you to get pain relief. Spinal Cord Stimulation may be able to help relieve pain and restore your quality of life.

Here are a few points on how spinal cord stimulation works and if it may be the best treatment for you.

What Is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

Most back surgeries can help correct back pain and relieve those suffering from it. But, some rare occasions where back surgery is ineffective for some, providing no pain relief. Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) is a condition that characterizes unsuccessful back procedures. FBSS comes with symptoms such as

  • Chronic pain in the back and neck
  • Numbness in the spine
  • Weak Limbs
  • Tingling sensations
  • And pain that spreads to other areas of the body

Why Some Back Surgeries Fail

Some people already have reservations about having back surgery, so it can be a traumatic experience if they have an unsuccessful procedure. There are a few things that can cause the surgery to go wrong. A common reason is that the candidate may have received an incorrect diagnosis and had an unnecessary procedure. Other factors for FBSS include

  • Age
  • Hypochondriasis
  • Degenerated discs
  • Surgical errors
  • Implant rejection

Treating Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Pain medication can help temporarily relieve mild symptoms, but a more aggressive approach may be necessary for long-term comfort. One potential solution is spinal cord stimulation. 

A spinal cord stimulation procedure uses electrical stimulation to help block pain signals between your spine and brain, giving you much-needed relief.

Some patients may be uncomfortable with an additional procedure on their back. For this reason, your doctor can implement a trial period to help you get acquainted with the device before having it implanted under the skin. Although the thought of another spinal surgery may be worrisome for you, spinal cord stimulation surgery is a minimally invasive procedure completed on an outpatient basis and generally takes an hour or two. 

Your best bet is to speak with a qualified healthcare professional for a formal diagnosis and discuss your situation’s best options.

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