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Part 2 on Picking the Right Office Chair

In this month’s first blog we delved into three criteria you need to use when either shopping for a new office chair or lobbying for one with the company purchasing manager. This kind of attention to your chair and how it impacts your back is even more important if you’re one of the millions of […]

Picking the Right Desk Chair for Your Back

At Summit Healthcare Pain Clinic, Dr. Trujillo sees patients with chronic back pain pretty much every day. It’s estimated that four out of five people will have some period of serious back pain in their lives. Back pain is the third most common reason for visits to the doctor, behind only skin disorders and osteoarthritis/joint […]

Stabilizing That Fractured Vertebra

Most issues that lead to chronic pain with your spine arise from either the cervical spine (neck), the C1-C7 vertebrae, or the lumbar spine (lower back), L1-L5 vertebrae. But osteoporosis can affect the thoracic spine. This is the middle of your back, vertebrae T1-T12, and this is where spinal compression fractures are more common. Dr. […]

About that Standing Desk You’re Lobbying For

Standing desks are all the rage in the workplace. They’ve been linked to weight loss, less back pain, and possibly lower anxiety levels. But are all of those benefits necessarily true? Sure, it makes sense that standing and moving would burn lots more calories than sitting, but does it? A 2016 study in the Journal […]

Blocking Problematic Nerves

The bane of having a cell phone is the unknown callers offering all sorts of bogus schemes. You answer the call, hear the bogus threats of IRS imprisonment or other calamity, and then what do you do to that number? Block it. That’s kind of how Dr. Trujillo looks at problematic nerves in your neck. […]

The Pain Between Your Vertebrae

Our spine is made up of vertebrae with large bone discs in the front and two facet joints in the back. Each of these functions as a three-joint complex, a tripod design that enables the vertebrae to stay together but to also bend and twist. When everything works well, it’s an amazing support system for […]

How Your Posture Affects Your Back

Slouching and being a high school kid go together like gila monsters and the desert around Show Low. But maybe we should have listened when our Mom told us to stand up straight and push our shoulders back. Our backs wish we had been paying attention. Our spine is a miracle worker of stability, but […]

Herniated Discs Treatment for Pain Management

When we think of our spine, we usually think of the vertebrae. The spine consists of a total of 33 bones, but in adults nine of them are no longer separated. That’s right — seven vertebrae in the cervical/neck portion, 12 in the thoracic/torso portion, and five in the lumbar/lower back. That equals 24 vertebrae, […]

Refilling a Compressed Vertebra with Kyphoplasty

Back pain and aging don’t necessarily have to go hand in hand. In many patients, their back pain isn’t chronic; it’s instead due to a compression fracture in a vertebra. Compression fractures usually result from a series of small hairline fractures that eventually lead to a collapse of the vertebra, a compression fracture. Dr. Trujillo […]

Is Your Office Chair the Enemy?

You don’t have to be Charles Darwin to understand our modern lifestyles weren’t exactly the way evolution planned things for our spines. Instead of being on our feet chasing around after dinner, we’re stuck in an office in a chair that could be torturing our collective backs. At Summit Healthcare Pain Clinic Associates, Dr. Trujillo […]

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