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Part 2 on Picking the Right Office Chair

In this month’s first blog we delved into three criteria you need to use when either shopping for a new office chair or lobbying for one with the company purchasing manager. This kind of attention to your chair and how it impacts your back is even more important if you’re one of the millions of […]

Picking the Right Desk Chair for Your Back

At Summit Healthcare Pain Clinic, Dr. Trujillo sees patients with chronic back pain pretty much every day. It’s estimated that four out of five people will have some period of serious back pain in their lives. Back pain is the third most common reason for visits to the doctor, behind only skin disorders and osteoarthritis/joint […]

More About Those Pesky Facet Joints

In August’s first sweaty blog, we discussed your facet joints and a problem that develops as we age known as facet joint syndrome. The facet joints connect our vertebrae on the back side, allowing the spine to bend forward and backward, while maintaining stability. Degeneration of our spinal discs between the vertebrae change the height […]

Facet Joint Syndrome

In the human body, joints connect two or more bones. Their primary purpose is to allow motion between those bones. We all think of joints as our knees, hips, or shoulders, but there are lots of joints throughout the body. Think of everything from the temporomandibular joint that allows your jawbone to move to the […]

That Pain in the Hip

Our hips are pretty amazing. They provide stability for the body when we walk. When we jump or create other impact, our hips take the impact. That’s why our hip joints are among the largest and strongest on our bodies. But for many of us our hips are a source of pain. For an increasing […]

Showing Your Nerves a Little Shocking Treatment

Nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain. Some 16 million adults (that’s 8 percent of all U.S. adults) experience persistent or chronic back pain, and it limits certain daily activities. That’s a lot of pain out there. But Dr. Trujillo can help by using radiofrequency energy to quiet those problematic nerves. […]

Intrathecal Pain Pumps

In this month’s first blog we covered the first of two methods to overcome chronic pain with spinal cord electrical stimulation. In June’s second blog, we’ll cover the second option, the intrathecal pain pump. Dr. Trujillo uses both of these treatment options when helping our patients deal with chronic pain that isn’t responding to more […]

Pain Pumps and Spinal Cord Stimulation

Our spinal cord and nervous systems are amazingly complex communicators of the various sensations we need to cope in a world with lots of potentially hazardous stimuli. Our nervous system is basically our warning system of potential traumatic injury, potential damage from heat sources, when to wear more clothing for protection from frigid temperatures, and […]

Stabilizing That Fractured Vertebra

Most issues that lead to chronic pain with your spine arise from either the cervical spine (neck), the C1-C7 vertebrae, or the lumbar spine (lower back), L1-L5 vertebrae. But osteoporosis can affect the thoracic spine. This is the middle of your back, vertebrae T1-T12, and this is where spinal compression fractures are more common. Dr. […]

Chronic Pain Isn’t Always Understood

The human body is a miracle of function and engineering. But at times, it can also be a pain…literally. And that pain can be somewhat of a mystery. That’s the case with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). This chronic pain condition occurs when the body sends high levels of nerve impulses to the affected site. […]

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