Migraines Can Mean More Than You Think

The occasional headache comes as a byproduct of life’s stresses. But migraine headaches are another matter. Some people suffer from chronic migraine headaches for years before finding relief. In other instances, migraine headaches could be warning signs of other problems. Here are some signals your migraines could be giving and what you can do about …

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Are Botox® Treatments Right for My Migraines?

If you’ve ever experienced migraine headaches, you understand how debilitating they can be. There are several theories on how migraines begin, ranging from hormonal changes in the body, stress, bright lights, and lack of sleep. While the cause of migraines is up for debate, the pain that patients experience can leave them desperate for solutions. …

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How Do Trigger Point Injections Work?

Trigger point injections are one treatment option available for patients seeking pain relief or pain management. It is a minimally-invasive procedure where your physician or pain management specialist will take a small needle and inject an anesthetic and corticosteroid mixture directly into the painful area. The procedure only lasts a few minutes, but the pain relief is …

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Blocking Troublesome Nerves in the Neck

Our nervous system has a part in everything our body does, from sensing touch or temperature to controlling sweating and breathing. There are three types of nerves: autonomic nerves that control the involuntary or partially voluntary activities of your body (including heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and temperature regulation), motor nerves that control your movements …

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More about Injection Therapy

In April’s first blog, we discussed why Dr. Trujillo uses injection therapy for certain patients in certain situations. We discussed the use of corticosteroid injections to treat the ongoing joint inflammation of arthritis. In April’s second springy blog, let’s get into two other injection therapies, epidural steroid injections and trigger point injections. Epidural steroid injections …

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Injections for Pain

Dr. Trujillo utilizes different methods to help his patients get past their chronic pain. From pain pumps to radiofrequency ablation to surgery, he has various tools at his disposal. But in some cases, the best option turns out to be injections of corticosteroids. These work to decrease the nerve inflammation that is behind the pain. …

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Botox Is More than a Wrinkle Relaxer

When people hear the brand name Botox, they assume it’s the wrinkle erasing phenomenon. But there’s much more to Botox than wrinkles. Beyond cosmetic use, the FDA has approved Botox for an ever-increasing variety of uses, everything from treating involuntary eyelid spasms to stopping excessive sweating to urinary incontinence. Botox has even been approved for …

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