Post-Laminectomy Syndrome
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What Is Post Laminectomy Syndrome?

This condition, also called “failed back syndrome,” is a type of chronic pain. It can develop in some people after spine surgery.

Causes Of Failed Back Syndrome

This pain most often develops after a laminectomy procedure. This is the removal of bone at the rear of your vertebrae. The procedure is done to relieve pressure on your spinal nerves. But after a laminectomy, bone or soft tissue may still press on these nerves. Scar tissue may form. And spinal joints may be irritated and inflamed. Pain from any of these issues may be called “post-laminectomy syndrome”.

Post Laminectomy Syndrome Symptoms

Symptoms may include pain in your back at the site of your surgery. The pain may also radiate down to your buttock and leg. This pain may feel sharp, or it may feel dull and achy.

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What Treatment Options Are Available For Failed Back Syndrome?

Treatment depends on the cause and the severity of your pain. It may include medications, injections or physical therapy. You may benefit from electrical nerve stimulation or other techniques. If these are not helpful, surgery may relieve your pain.

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Dr. Dax Trujillo offers several treatment options to help patients with chronic neck and back pain, including spinal cord stimulation. If you would like to learn more about spinal cord stimulation or schedule an appointment, please call our office at 928-532-1605.

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