Treatment for Hip Bursitis (Trochanteric Bursitis) in Show Low, AZ

What Is Trochanteric Bursitis?

This is an irritation or swelling of the trochanteric bursa. This small, fluid-filled sac is found on the outer side of the femur. It acts as a cushion for the iliotibial band, a thick tendon in your leg.

What Causes Trochanteric Bursitis?

Trochanteric bursitis can be caused by repetitive stress. It can be caused by a fall or a hard blow to the outer side of your hip. It can be caused by poor posture. It can also be caused by certain diseases and conditions.

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What are the Symptoms of Hip Bursitis?

The most common symptom of this type of bursitis is pain on the outer side of your hip. It may be sharp, or it may be a dull ache. It may spread to your thigh and buttock. This pain may feel worse during physical activity that involves your hip. It may also feel worse when you lie on the affected side of your body.

How is Hip Bursitis Treated?

Treatment options include rest, medications and physical therapy. You may benefit from the temporary use of a cane or crutches. If these methods are not helpful, you may benefit from a surgical procedure. Your healthcare provider can create a care plan that is right for your needs.

Patient Testimonials:

  • Doctor Trujillo is the best pain doctor anywhere. Dr. Trujillo and his whole staff, nurses, & pa's will work hard to help you feel better. Thanks for everything you have done for me, lots of respect to you all! - C.T.
  • As far as pain centers go, this is the best one I have been to. Dr. Trujillo is very passionate doctor and he really does care. If you need to go to a pain clinic, there is no other that can compare. - M.E.

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